History of Eco Hostal "Mom Helmita"

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

The project of construction of the Ecohostal "Mom Helmita" it contemplates two thematic objectives. The first one, the validity of the adobe; and, second that is possible to supplement the traditional construction, with the defense of the ecology.

With regard to the first aspect, we should remember that the adobe is one of the few construction materials that has not been subjected to the fire to have that characteristic. For it, the organic thing that it can have in the earth that gives him origin it is transmitted to the construction. This offers to the adobe construction the advantages of regulating the temperature and the humidity, what you/they allow that who inhabit at homes of these characteristics they suffer little of allergies and of asthma, apart from having kind of a natural conditioned temperature in the atmospheres: when it is cold out, the adobe rooms are lukewarm, and the other way around.

The adobe was not only used as construction material - apart from being an element of easy handling that can even generate the autoconstrucción, and it can be important element to attenuate the housing problem in the region - but also in its traditional social connotation. We all remember the ancestral houses of the antiquity, with families numerous and countless daily visits; houses that hardly had alleys and permanent era the encounter efusivo; which we want to transmit to our ecohostal. Reason for which our lodging area doesn't have alleys and the guests look at themselves face to face when they abandon their rooms.

That is the form like one lived in Lambayeque at the beginning of the XX Century, and we want to recover the construction modality that existed in the department in that time, using as much the technology as similar materials, to give a reminiscent connotation to our facilities.

There was necessity to use adobes of characteristic and special dimensions, to the effect labor youths of the town were hired that went into to the technique in a such way that almost all they still have the activity like the main one generating of their revenues, or minimum as complementary. Two of them have built their housings with the learned technology, and other two have improved their housing with these elements.

The tile was another primordial element, it was manufactured in Motupe (district of our county), where the friend Marbel Lara, also defender of the adobe and of the ecology, it offered us a tile of the dimensions of those that were used in the referred period, (2.5 the size of those offered in the market) to price half, running him with the reductions of the transport. I motivate for which deserves a special recognition.

They communicate us that soon after this production (approximately 60,000 tiles) today in Motupe he/she is recovering their use that you/they find it, to medium and I release term, economic regarding the use of the calamine, with more aesthetic advantages and of regulation of the ambient temperature.

In the ecohostal we have 1,700 m2 of roofed area that represents 20% of the total area of the facilities approximately, approximately in more than 50% of this total they have settled green areas that grant an ecological atmosphere to our facilities, and that our guests know how to appreciate.

These green areas have allowed the return of wild birds that every day gets used more to cohabit with the human being. We have chiscos, starlings, coculas, guardacaballos, rice, owls, pianchís, chilalas, sparrows, colibríes, putías, blue, among others; that they can be appreciated for almost to reside in the ecohostal. We sometimes listen huerequeques songs, typical bird of the region.

Most of our visitors show surprise when finding out that the facilities of the "Mom Helmita" they are of adobe, some Europeans nickname it "the house of mud", but all suit that this type of constructions has a natural regulation of temperature that makes them comfortable. The singular of the regional technology allows us to glimpse a promissory future that we are sure it is reinforced with their visit.

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